Married Man Doing Things with His Wife’s Sisters


As a woman, if you know your husband is a he-goat,
don’t keep yams in his custody:
I have been married for 10+ years and thought I
was happily married till some weeks ago. From the
fourth year into my marriage my mom advised us to
take on 2 female relatives. One was 22 and the
other 13 at that time. In 2010, we noticed that the
older of the girls had become so close to my
husband to the point that anyone could easily
conclude they were intimate. She became rude to
me but got closer to my husband and he never saw
anything wrong with her attitude. He would take
her to school (UNILAG) and pick her up regularly.
He would gladly buy the exact items for her and
myself whenever he traveled. Several times he
gave her large sums without my consent or
knowledge but thankfully it all came out through
her mom.
He blurted out once that she had STD and I was
quite embarrassed that he would know that about
her if nothing was going on. In the end we decided
she couldn’t go on living in my house and my mom
came to take her away even though my husband
kicked against it furiously. The younger one stayed
on and that is now my greatest undoing.
She grew up quickly and she is now 20 and in her
second year in University…
She recently sent her Dad (who lives in Lagos) a
suicide message stating that she was going to kill
herself if she is allowed to continue staying with us.
Her dad has now called me to say he followed up
with the suicide message and she confided in him
that my husband dis-v!rg!ned her at 15 and had
continued to sleep with her till she put up some
resistance late last year.
She said he is also with her roommate and claimed
to have seen a message from the girl to my
husband implicating him. She also said that she had
caught my husband and the older girl that left in
2010 in suspicious positions before the girl was
sent away.
I have confronted him with all these and he is not
giving tangible reasons to disbelieve the girl. Truth
is I know he did these things because of other
things the girl told me that I have since confirmed
one of which is that he brought a stray girl (18 yrs)
into our home under the guise that she was a
distant cousin’s daughter. It turned out he met her
randomly and merely chatted her up.
My Pastors have intervened and told me all these
are true but that “he is a man and will never openly
admit it now”. They are asking me to let go for the
sake of my children and the marriage. I am
however upset that he will get off this easily and
the innocent girl will not get justice. Should I cover
his sins and appeal to the girl’s father who has
indicated that he will do as I advise or should I
insist that he is made to apologize to the girl?
I keep thinking what if she is my own daughter!! I
am at my wits end trying to figure out if I should
act as a wife or a mother! Will a good wife cover her
husband’s sins???


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