OJB Jezreel Reveals! – “Marrying three wives is my destiny”


Many didn’t know OJB Jezreel had three wives until
recently, When His first wife ended up donating one
of her kidneys to him. Speaking to PunchNg, he says
he won’t advice anyone to marry three wives but
said it was his destiny!
I don’t think it has anything to do with fame. There
are people without fame yet they married more
than three wives. Those people are not even rich. I
think it is destiny; there is no other way to explain
“It is everything. But predominantly, I think it is by
design. Some people believe in destiny while some
others don’t. I think it was destined to happen. I
believe in destiny. I don’t think I would have
survived it if it weren’t destined to be. People get
shocked that I have three wives because I don’t
live like somebody who has three wives. Come to
think of it, there is no particular way to live life. Am
I supposed to wear three shirts because I have
three wives? I don’t even advise people to have
three wives and when I talk about it, they are
On if he regrets it..
There is no regret. Initially, you would tell yourself
that if you had one wife, this would have happened
or that would have happened if you didn’t. But
then again, you have to check and understand that
life is in stages. I am appreciating life the way it is.
Out of the marriages, I have eight beautiful
children. When I look at them, I am happy. They
are my investment.


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