EX Miss Nigeria UK Is Engaged To a ‘Carpenter’


Could she be for real?
Fomer Miss Nigeria UK Dabota Lawson engaged to a
rich ‘carpenter’ in the UK
They always say ‘romance goes with finance’ but
looks like even Beauty Queens don’t give a damn!
Former Miss Nigeria UK, Dabota Lawson is engaged.
The Beauty Queen recently got engaged to her long
time boyfriend and the CEO of Novena Majesty
Furniture, Prince Sunny Aku.
Dabota’s fiance ies reportedly in his fifties and very
close sources claim he is also very rich and even
owns a private jet. He’s nalso reported to have
been the giver of her latest Range Rover SUV she
once flaunted on her Instagram.
Back in January, she was rumored to had been in a
secret affair with rising African star Davido!
But wait, what kind of ‘carpenter’ is this!
He also bought her the Range Rover SUV which she
recently flaunted on Instagram.
More development on this coming your way soon…


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