Prove You Are Not A Weak President, Wale Oke Tells Jonathan


Presiding Bishop, The Sword of the Spirit Ministries,
Bishop Francis Wale Oke has said President
Goodluck Jonathan should prove to Nigerians that
they do not have weakling and lame duck as leaders
by dealing decisively with the Islamic sect, Boko
Haram for declaring a caliphate in Gwoza.
Oke said Nigerians it was amazing that since the
insurgents had hoisted their illegal flag in Gwoza,
the FG had not taken any swift reaction in dealing
with the situation and to make matters worse,
about 480 soldiers defected to another place.
While warning that the FG should go with all its
might to stop the insurgents, he said Boko Haram
was following the scripts of Islamic State in Iraq and
that holding arms akimbo after such a treasonable
declaration would be very antithetical to the unity
and oneness of the country.
The cleric said this ahead of the Holy Ghost
convention which begins on Sunday. Bishop Wale
Oke further explained the refusal of some military
men to confront the insurgents meant that they
were ill-equipped.
He stressed that the military should not be blamed
at all for the actions of the soldiers but should put
the blame at the doorstep of the authorities adding
that the incident was a big shame to our military
and the nation.
“That some Islamic insurgents would be beheading
Christians, take over 300 girls hostage, take over
our churches and desecrate the sanctuary of God is
totally unacceptable. You begin to ask the question,
do we have the government in place? The
government should show to us that he is capable of
handling the situation”, he said.
As part of the church and men of God towards
stemming the tide insurgency in the country, he
noted that Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Bishop David
Oyedepo, Matthew Ashimolowo and other men of
God would be at the convention to pray for the
country so that God could smile on us again.
He said, “The activities of the sect have shown that
church is the primary target and as one of the
leaders in Christianity, we say no. federal
government should protest all its citizens especially
the Christians who are being beheaded on daily
basis by the hoodlums.
If we, Christians are not posing any threat to the
nation, then we deserve to be protected. For more
than 48 hours, they had declared a caliphate and
seized a portion of the entity called Nigeria and we
are yet to hear any swift reaction from the
government. This is very amazing”.
The clergyman who commended the Minister of
Health, Prof. Chukwu Onyebuchi and the Governor
of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola for taking
decisive steps against the spread of Ebola virus
describing their actions as very encouraging.


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