Letter To President Jonathan: Retire and Save Something


With utter sincerity and sober thought, I write this
simple letter to the president of Nigeria. It is
pertinent I present you with these words and
thoughts before it is too late as your god-father
There is love, there is respect, there is power and
there is nothing. Which do you possess? Which will
be your legacy?
General Muhammadu Buhari has love. He is not
appreciated for his wealth or power today, but he is
loved. His people love him; they will take a bullet
for him. They know they may never again directly
benefit a single thing from him, yet they love him
to death. That Sir is love.
Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has love. People will die
for him. They respect him. He speaks for some
people; as irrational as what he says is to some,
he is recognized as the voice and hope of others.
Dokubo has love. If tomorrow he has no money
and no power, there will be tons of people who
will take him in, vote for him, feed him, listen to
him. Dokubo has love. Love is what the poor you
have no influence on say about you, not what the
wealthy you surround yourself with say to you.
Take a look at General Ibrahim Babangida.
Babangida had power and money. These are the
few things he had and still struggles to hold on to;
but it is not much. Look at him, study his
reputation. Few listen to him, he does not himself
talk much. Few follow him; many of them for what
is left of his wealth. There is not much left to say
about Babangida.
Take a look at Obasanjo. Obasanjo has respect.
Many hate him, many see him as a greedy thief, but
he has respect. People listen to him. People will
always listen to him and fear him. Obasanjo left
words, left legacies; he earned respect and despite
all he stands accused of, he has that one thing –
Then we look at you, Sir. What do you have? Five
years in power, perhaps you will succeed and retain
it again for another four, making a total of 9 years
as president and 12 years in Aso rock. What do you
have? If you leave power in 2019, what will you
have? What will people say about you? How will
they follow you? Apart from for your wealth, do you
see anything people relate with you for? Do you
have love? Unity in opposition to a perceived
enemy, ‘the north’ or ‘APC’ as you condition your
fans to be is not love. The minute that perceived
enemy is realized to not exist, this all falls away. So
what do we credit you with? Are there any
statements you have made in 5 years that these
first 5 will be remembered by? Have you given any
international speeches, written power letters as
Obasanjo did to Margaret Thatcher on Apartheid,
that the world will remember your tenure for?
Have you made notable remarks to Nigerians on
pressing issues, apart from repeating
‘transformation,’ and “I will keep Nigerian one
unless you kick me out?’
Money can buy crowds, can attract people and bring
electoral victories including yours in 2015 and who
knows, in 2019 if you decide to pay for the re-
writing of the constitution and contest for a fourth
term, but money cannot buy love.
Dear Sir, I wish you seriously think about this. You
have succeeded in deeply dividing the nation along
all type of lines. This you will be remembered for.
You are known for your preference to appoint
indicted criminals. You will be remembered long for
this. You are known for your dining with and
protection of terror sponsors and inability to arrest a
single one. You will be remembered long for this.
Victims of terror, of economical sabotage, the 100
million Nigerians who live under a dollar-a-day will
never forget you. Those whose legs got blown off
by Boko Haram limitless terror through your five or
9 years, those who lost their families, whose
daughters were abducted and raped; they will
never forget you. But I am interested in seeing if
you know of nice things you will be remembered
by. And that’s not by beautiful Diezani; and not for
basic facets of governance – like building roads and
repairing trains, or establishing cabal controlled
businesses and privatizing national assets to the
cabal; I mean substantial things you will be
remembered for as the president of the biggest
economy in Africa? Apart from the Cabal will the
poor remember you and write fondly about you?
In reflection of this, I will suggest strongly you take
some time to reflect. You unplug yourself from
intoxication of wealth, get sober and think about
you. What will you like your legacy to be? If you
carefully plan your resignation now and set-up a
strong system of community represented and
people’s committee based democracy (which
involves direct selection from all social groups to
represent themselves in Abuja leadership – market
women, teachers, students, activists, pastors etc),
handing over to not just a single morally upright and
intelligent person, but to a committee of decent
Nigerians not from the current political block that
gets you happily confused and deluded into thinking
all is well as Diezani stays there stealing $4 million
a day in kerosene subsidy from the poor and all is
well as Boko Haram keeps killing and the sponsors
remain free, and all is well as the poor get poorer
and you all buy more private jets; you will preserve
for yourself a name, legacy and reputation that will
possibly be remembered in the ranks of the Nelson
Mandelas, as you were recently touted to aspire
As Nigerians keep getting used to the shame,
suffering and dying, the window of redemption fast
Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian


One comment on “Letter To President Jonathan: Retire and Save Something

  1. This is pure hypocrisy..You have said a lot of rubbish but I will address one. The people that have divided this country along many lines are non other than those who swore to make this country ungovernable simply because they lost elections of 2011.You have chosen to make saints of them unfortunately. But no matter, Nigerians are not blind or deaf. They will not be mislead by you ignorance.

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