My Future Husband Must Be Muscular, Tall, Handsome And Caring — Waje


The Wave making singer, Waje, has revealed the
kind of man she would want to spend the rest of
her life with. According to the singer, her must be
muscular in order to carry her well.
The Edo state-born singer said since she is on the
chubby side, her kind of man should be tall,
handsome and should be very caring.
Speaking on the international acceptance of
Nigerian music, she explained that Nigerian music is
more accepted outside the country than here in
“I finished a show in Kenya and after a shoot, I
was tired and I wanted to get something, and I
went out without my shoes on so my assistant
said I should put on my shoes, and I said if
anybody knows me here, I would give him
N100,000 and immediately I entered, people
were coming to take pictures with me, I was
“But if it were to be Nigeria, they will just look at
you pretending to be looking at their twitter page
and before you know it, they have taken your
photograph and tweet ‘in the airport with Waje,’
but the person will not even greet you,” she said.
Waje also cleared the ideology that in Nigeria,
people just hate themselves, saying it is just a way
of life of Nigerians because some people really
don’t care and can be tough too.


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