Why We Have Been Away For So Long – Danfo Drivers

Mountain Black and Mad Melon took the music industry by storm when they dropped their hit sing “Danfo Drivers amongst many others..However, they went underground since then. They opened up to Vanguard on the reason for their absence

“No, we didn’t split, we only quarreled, but we are still together. And we are still alive, so, no shaking. What actually happened was that we went to school to further our education because we believe education is the key to ultimate success.Also, we’ve been going round for musical tour; first one was in Mali, followed by another one in Portharcourt. We also performed during the Portharcourt carnival.Presently, we are fully back to the music scene and very soon we will be dropping our new album and that will be in two months’ time as we are still working on it.

They also blamed their former label saying…..

Another reason we decided to stop recording was because our record label, Cornerstone Entertainment, which was supposed to be promoting us were not doing so at all. They were not promoting our works and we were not getting any measurable exposure. This made some of our songs not to be released. The only song we did that made it was the ‘Danfo Driver’. Apart from ‘Danfo Driver’, none of our other songs was promoted. This got our fans thinking we have quit music”


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