8 Killed In Chibok As Boko Haram, Vigilante Engage In Shootout

Eight members of the Boko Haram were yesterday killed in a village near Chibok town when operatives of the Nigeria Vigilante Group engaged the armed insurgents in a deadly shootout during an early morning attack, witnesses said.

The gunmen, had crept upon the sleeping residents of Kwarangilam village of Chibok local government, with the intention of carrying out another massacre, but were shocked to be encountered by shootings from the operatives of the vigilantes who laid in counter ambush.

Kwarangilam is 15 kilometres away from Chibok, the town where over 300 schoolgirls were abducted in April this year.

Briefing LEADERSHIP about the incident, the state chairman of Nigeria Vigilante Group, Adamsi Tar, and the spokesman of the group, Muhammed Gava, also revealed that their men were able to arrest one of the insurgents alive and had since handed him over to the soldiers in Chibok town.

The vigilante leaders told LEADERSHIP that “it was a successful operation that we had in Chibok local government today (yesterday) Monday. When the attackers came at about 3am, our men were already hinted and had been waiting all nights to confront them.

“When they started by setting fire on the houses, our men began to shoot from their hideouts and they have been able to kill eight of them using our local dane guns. The gunmen were confused because they did not know from which direction the firing was coming; and when they sensed more danger, they decided to flee; but our men were able to arrest one of the attackers alive and shot dead eight others.”

They further said that the insurgents were able to burn down a couple of houses as well as the lodge of the vigilante operatives.

“Our members have lost most of their belongings in the fire, especially their uniforms, because at night we don’t wear uniforms”, said Gava.

“We have said it time and again that we need better weapons; we need vehicles and other accessories that would make our jobs better. If we can get better arms, who is Boko Haram that would hold us to ransom”, said the vigilante commander, Tar.


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