12 Heavily Armed Men Storm Daniel Ademinokan’s Abuja home Asking for Stella Damasus!

Who wants Stella Damasus dealt with?! Because in the early hours of May 31, about 12 heavily armed men reportedly stormed Daniel Ademinokan’s Abuja home where Stella Damasus and her two daughters were said to have been living before they relocated to the United States with Ademinokan.

According to the Nation, Ademinokan’s younger brother, who just returned to Nigeria, and his mother were the only persons in the house on the fateful day. It was gathered that the attackers insisted on getting Stella’s recent contact in the US, including her address and phone number, without success.

The source said: “The men kept yelling at Daniel’s brother. They were saying, ‘Your brother and his wife think they can just open their mouths and say anything they like about the government, abi?’”
The assailant, according to the source, didn’t take anything item away from the house because of the pathetic condition of Ademinokan’s mother, who is laid up with a stroke.


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