Singer Soul E Prophesies The Next Bomb Blast Will Be In Lagos

This was what the singer turned pastor posted on his facebook page. Read it below:

Posted on the 19th of May before the twin bomb blast in Jos: Hear this people of God something will happen this week in Nigeria but it will not com near you, the protection of God is upon your life’s so fearless.. SOUL E

Posted on the 21st of May : Some weeks ago i told nigeria and the world on my Facebook page that this animals and blood sucking people were about to hit Jos, Kano, PH & Lagos and i gave some psalms for everyone that care to listen to what God is saying through the prophet, well i still stand my ground, does of you in lagos need to hold God well because Lagos is there next target, for does of you that believes in the ministry of the prophet, read psalm 90, 24 i pray for you the protection of God is upon your life. Jos, Kano, ph has been hit but God will do his work in this nation.. Soule Baba

What’s your take?


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