See Gobe: Fake Accents On Lagos Radio Stations [MUST READ]

What is happening to radio stations these days especially radio stations in Lagos? The obsession for foreign accents a.k.a fake accent is at an all time high.

It appears radio stations are in a competition all working hard in out doing themselves in the number of presenters with accent. It seems like the game has changed; good presenters these days are the ones with heavy foreign accents.

Good presenters are the ones that can make you forget that you are sitting somewhere in a remote part of Lagos. Back in the days, we listened to what they now call traditional broadcasters on Radio Nigeria and Nigeria Television Authority. Emphasis then appeared to be on correctly pronouncing the words or names in their scripts.

Today emphasis has shifted; ability to make those words come out from the nostrils is key. So listening to radio on my way to work every morning is not exactly easy; especially when you are trying to avoid people who speak with their nostrils. I love listening to Freshly Pressed on Smooth 98.1 FM. Every morning but the hosts give me tough times.

Hello Mazi’no and Sope! Thank God for Cheta Nwanze who comes in every now and then to dilute the heavily accented duo. On Cool FM, the story is not different. From
their morning shows to their late night show;
listeners are constantly bombarded with
various accents. Mannie and N6 have refused to catch the bug.

Crossover to their sister station,NigeriaInfo; the lord is my shepherd. I didn’t say more than that o! Rhythm FM is not left out. Hello Toke and Omalicha! To me, speaking with a foreign accent seems incredibly patronising and makes us as a society appear to be lamentably insecure and inadequate, and judging by the apparent lack of
complaint regarding this practice.

I can only assume that we as a society have either accepted this as standard, or we actually like it. Well, whatever the case; I won’t run away from listening to radio. However, I won’t hesitate to use my ‘SEEK’ button whenever my elastic capacity is stretched.


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